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Digital simultaneous interpretation (simultaneous translation) Equipment

Bosch Logo The Bosch Integrus™ Infrared Language Distribution System is our flagship system. It is the first fully-digital infrared simultaneous interpretation (simultaneous translation) system to offer superior digital audio distribution by using a higher frequency band (2 to 8 MHz) that is completely immune to distortion caused by hall lighting. Since the infrared signal does not travel through walls, the system is secure. Infrared technology is ideal for language transmission, because it gives delegates the freedom to move around while also maintaining privacy.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Interpretation & Translation Systems


Digital Microphone Discussion System

The heart of the Integrus system is the Central Control Unit (CCU), which can interface with the Digital Microphone Discussion System (DCN Next Generation). The CCU is connected to infrared radiators, which transmit interpretations to ergonomically designed wireless receivers that are capable of offering up to 32 channels. Additional features include the ability to control delegate microphones, distribute simultaneous interpretation (simultaneous translation) and record conference proceedings. Delegates listen to the interpretation of their choice using headphones or lightweight ear phones.


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