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Digital Microphone Discussion Systems

Bosch Logo The DCN (Digital Congress Network) Next Generation System provides integrated digital conference management for events ranging from small discussion groups to international multilingual conferences with thousands of delegates. The system is compatible with the Integrus Infrared language distribution system and is available in both table-top and flush-mounted designs. Extended features include: simultaneous interpretation (simultaneous translation) of up to 32 languages, multilingual text messaging, PC monitoring/control, voting, camera control, intercom system, attendance registration, delegate database, wireless receivers, teleconferencing and audio/media interface.

Digital Conference Microphone Digital Congress Network

 Special features

In multilingual congresses and conferences, DCN Next Generation allows delegates to choose the floor language or any of 31 different interpretations with high-quality speech intelligibility (up to 20 kHz). The system's interpreter desk is ergonomically designed to be truly user-friendly and to suit visually impaired interpreters. The most frequently used control buttons emit audible beeps in the headphone and are located near the edge of the unit to facilitate thumb operation; raised dots next to certain controls enable easy touch identification. These and other innovative features allow smooth and versatile simultaneous interpretation (simultaneous translation).

DCN Next Generation also offers efficient language distribution with wired, flush-mounted channel selector panels. And for wireless convenience, the Integrus™ Infrared system ensures crystal-clear reception with no loss of privacy or freedom of movement and no interference from surrounding light sources.

   Software modules

The system is controlled through a central unit that operates with or without control software, according to the size and nature of the conference. The full potential of the DCN Next Generation is realized through PC or touch-screen control supported by a family of software modules to facilitate all conference management and control functions.

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