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Audience Response

"State Of The Art Technology Where You Need It, When You Need It."

Congress Rental USA's Audience Response Service enables you to receive instant feedback to specific questions from your audience. Our Audience Response Systems allow delegates public anonymity so they feel free to voice an opinion or give their answer. Our systems allow you to embed video and/or sound files for creating dynamic multimedia presentations. You can get people actively involved in your meeting and see their responses immediately in an array of customizable graphic formats. Immediate access to attendees' answers will enable you to measure how well they understand your message and what additional steps need to be taken to achieve the desired results. Audience response can also provoke insightful discussion, creating more value for all.

Audience Response Systems

Orange Arrow Services

  • Complete Audience Response System (ARS)
  • ARS Specialist to assist you before, during and after your event
  • Unparalleled customer service that will exceed your expectations

Orange Arrow Benefits

With Congress Rental USA's Audience Response Service, you can:

  • Keep attendees actively involved
  • Obtain instant evaluation of Audience understanding
  • Provoke insightful discussion
  • Increase retention
  • Gather essential data

Corporations, Government Agencies, Primary and Secondary Education, Pharmaceutical Teams, Unions, Associations and many others regularly realize the value of using audience response systems to determine successful delivery of the right message.

Our systems can be used to enhance:

  • Conferences and seminars
  • Training and Certification
  • Group decision
  • Strategic planning
  • Focus groups
  • Employee or customer surveys
  • Assessment of skills or comprehension
  • Shareholder voting and election sessions
  • Education and Examinations
  • ... and more!

Orange ArrowSoftware Packages

As complete audience polling systems, both the Unity XPw and Synthesis XPw packages offer all you need to create and present your interactive presentations. Easy-to-use reporting modules generate a variety of reports that can be viewed, printed, and saved in multiple popular formats. Both packages also offer a variety of graphing options for data visualization and allow you to easily insert photos, videos, and music to emphasize your point. The packages come with an assortment of slide backgrounds and mp3 music files, but adding your own multimedia is easy with a simple point and click.

Unity XPw - Audience Polling Equipment

Unity XPw
The true strength of Unity XPw is in a subset of features that facilitate decision-making, strategic planning, and focus group administration. Standard opinion polling features allow you to present a question, poll the audience, and then show the results. This is a highly effective method for generating discussion.

Synthesis XPw
Conversely, Synthesis XPw focuses on learning, allowing you to specify correct answers, assign points to questions as a weighting factor, break people into teams, show team or individual standings and produce a multitude of reports. Synthesis allows you to assign a correct answer and to track individuals based on percentage correct. For our Synthesis XPw Software we have a custom software solution designed specifically for Medical Scales and Rater Training Programs that allows for a zero to be the lowest or first answer.

Both packages provide the following:

Support for a full range of multimedia formats

  • Images: bmp, eps, gif, jpg, jtf, tga, tif, cal, mac, img, msp, ras, pct, pcx, wmf
  • Movies: avi, mpg, mpeg, mpv, wmv, swf
  • Music: wav, mp3, wma

Dynamic presentation features

  • Adjustable presentation window dimensions
  • Fully customizable home page and system idle screen
  • Support for impromptu/ad hoc questions
  • Re-vote slides-overwrite previous slides
  • Compare two slides side-by-side or as a series
  • Review or jump to specific slides
  • Assign keypads to individuals via a roster file

Fully customizable reports
Reports can be generated from any data set, in virtually any format: by participant, results screen, demographic comparison, crosstabs, slide comparison, or XY map. Reports can be viewed, printed, saved as web pages, saved as PDFs, or converted to comma-delimited format.